Be the One to Find Your One,

because I know you can turn your love life around.
and find your perfect match.

I’m Bari Lyman, founder and creator of the Meet to Marry Method™ and I’m on a mission to help you find your true love and perfect match — your best friend — this year.

Over the past 15 years, my revolutionary method has helped thousands of single men and women of all ages and backgrounds.

The Meet to Marry Method™ has led people just like you to experience the quick and powerful breakthroughs that put them on the fast track to meeting and marrying their extraordinary lifetime love within just one year.


Before experiencing my own Meet to Marry™ transformation, I was running BreakthroughIT and enjoying a great deal of success helping candidates find their perfect professional fit. My clients thought they couldn’t find a job with the flexibility they needed. They felt they couldn’t ask for more money, or find a job they really wanted. I helped them see what they wanted was possible — and showed them how to break through to careers and lives of abundance and satisfaction and possibility.

I had friends, meaningful work, volunteer projects, spirituality — I had a full life. Yes, things looked good on the outside, but…


I was failing at love.

Excitement, attraction, and mystery filled me with thrilling but short-lived romances.
On some level, I knew these guys weren’t true matches for me, but I had such a deep longing for love and connection, I found myself dating the “potential” of these relationships, instead of who they really were.

Heartbreak + Sadness + Frustration

All my relationships ended in heartbroken disaster, sadness and frustration.


Like you, I was really starting to fear I was never going to find healthy, true love and partnership — and marry someone who loved me as I am. Someone who embraced my strengths and my weaknesses, who shared my vision and values. Someone I could be inspired by.

I was already in my mid-thirties, worried it was
already too late.

The question was always looming:

could someone like me, for whom healthy love was not modeled, ever be in a truly healthy relationship?

to my delight, the answer was “yes”!

You Don’t Have To Settle

With a new and healthy foundation, and the inner space for love to thrive, I dated in a new, principled and empowered way. . . And it led me right to Michael — my amazing husband, the man who is my best friend and life partner — with whom I share a wonderful, nourishing, fun and adventurous life.

i didn’t have to settle, compromise or play any games. I’d become an empowered dater.

After I dissolved these inner limitations, I created a transformational method that made me a confident, purposeful dater capable of attracting what I really wanted and needed — a partner who made me feel cherished, offered unconditional love, and who also desired true partnership.

Meeting and marrying my beloved Michael was the direct result of this method.


That’s right. You, too, can find your extraordinary lifetime love — no matter how long you’ve been dating.

Powerful, fast breakthroughs are within your reach.



You’ve heard my story, and although my circumstances are unique, my results certainly aren’t.

After years of struggling in the wrong relationships, Pamela told me she’s in the first healthy relationship she’s ever been in — and she met him just 90 days after starting Make It Happen This Year. 

And Eve, after 3 years of working with a dating coach, met her fiancé in just 45 days.

After just 2 weeks in the Make Happen This Year program, Joan told me she finally blasted through issues she’d spent 30 years trying to resolve in therapy. Now, as she points out, she’s “on track to be married before the year is out…” How amazing is that?!

It’s common for people just
like you to say:

I know you might feel as though you’ve tried so many other things before… And that you’re already self-aware…

But if you still haven’t found The One, isn’t it time for something different? Something practical that can change your reality and help you find true love? Using a method that’s proven and fast?

Aren’t you ready to finally break out of frustrating, unhealthy dating patterns?

Wouldn’t you like to discover what’s really holding you back (many times it’s not what you think) and blast through it? And wouldn’t you love to design your unique and compelling marriage vision that you can live into with a real plan…


Your life and your longing for love are precious. I take that to heart and it’s why I do what I do. I know what’s possible for you because I’ve seen it many, many times.

Meet to Marry™ is more than my business; it’s my mission in life.

We all need and deserve to find that one special person with whom we can build a rich, exciting, deeply satisfying life.

Even the smartest, most successful of us need something new, something proven created by someone who’s walked in our shoes. Someone who can help us turn our dreams of love into our most fulfilling realities.